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Khamis, 25 Februari 2010



22/02/2010 Kuhnah in the Province of Herat 5 trucks ferrying Italian soldiers ambushed by rocket. All Italian died.

23/02/2010 In Khurst Province A blast killed 4 Afghan policemen and wounded 5.

23/02/2010 Lakanu area of Khost City 2 Afghan soldiers killed and another 2 wounded I a bomb blast.

23/02/2010 Char Chinu near Qalat City A US tank into pieces by bomb killing all soldiers inside.

22/02/2010 Rashid Khel area of Andar district A logistic convoy from Ghazni ambushed by RPG killing 4 escort soldiers and injuring dozen. Mujahidden seized all the Kalashnikov rifles and bullets.

23/02/2010 Sher Zad district of Nangarhar Province Dozens of US soldiers killed by Taliban’s RPG ambush.

23/02/2010 Kunduz-Takhar Road Traveling police patrol vehicles way waylaid by RPG’s strike. The casualties not yet available.

23/02/2010 Nari Zeber area of Marjah in Nad Ali district of Helmand Province. Two advanced U.S Assault Breacher Vehicles were blown killing a dozen inside. The corpses were evacuated by helicopter.

23/02/2010 Shar area of Gerishk district, Hermand Province 2 NATO soldiers killed and 3 injured while trying to neutralize a landmine.

24/02/2010 Chardarha district A surprised attack on outpost of national militia capture two wounded soldiers. Mujahideen seized 3 Kalashnikov riffles, 2 P-K m/gus, a rocket launcher and ammo.

23/02/2010 Zarghun village of Nad Ali district A remote bomb blasted a US tank killing the soldiers inside. The rest of the convoy being attacked adding more casualties to US soldiers.

19/02/2010 Pol Alam, capital of Loger district A landmine was detonated by remote killing all 5 Americans in tank.

19/02/2010 Imam Sahib district in Kunduz Province A face to face battle killed 15 Afghan soldiers. 3 German tanks eliminated by RPK caused a dozen of German soldiers killed. One Taliban martyred and another injured.

22/02/2010 Shorab Airfield The largest US airfield with 13 runaways came under missile attacked. 4 missile strikes landed causing deadly casualties to US.

22/02/2010 Lashkar Gah, capital of Hermand. A roadside bomb ripped escorting vehicle of a convoy carrying supplies to NATO. At least 4 Afghan soldiers killed.

22/02/2010 In Row Rahi crossroad, area of Samalzu district in Zabul 7 Americans killed when a roadside bom blew a NATO tank.

22/02/2010 Kunar Province Taliban killed 6 Americans besides targeting two military vehicles. U.S revenged by bombing the area, 4 Taliban martyred and 6 wounded.

22/02/2010 In Tagap, district of Kapisa. 15 French soldiers were killed by two blasts of landmine. The surviving soldiers opened firing the nearby taxi, one civilian martyred and 4 wounded.

22/02/2010 In Marjah, Nad Ali district. 9 U.S. tanks blown killing dozens of U.S. soldiers.

22/02/2010 Marjah Areas. U.S soldiers from Sefen, Lui Char Rahi, Kru Char Rahi and surrounding areas fled after heavy losses and shameful defeat.
Their ammunition left taken by Taliban.

21/02/2010 In Marjah, Nad Ali district. 4 U.S tanks were targeted . 22 American and Afghan soldiers eliminated.

21/02/2010 Zhari district of Kandahar Province. A blast killed 13 American soldiers and wounded another 8.

Note : America is on the path of former Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

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